A hero serve that capitalises on the Global rise in popularity of the G&T

Beefeater was a world-leading brand long before the ‘gin boom’ took hold. As volume sales in gin grew globally, so did the competition. With literally hundreds of brands on a now fragmented market, Beefeater Dry Gin needed to find a ‘hero serve’ that would make an impact with bar professionals and engage increasingly discerning consumers, ensuring it defended its place on drinks menus around the World.  

Concept & Creative Development | Art Direction & Photography | Global Toolkit: On Trade & Off Trade Assets

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The Challenge

To grow market share globally with a ‘hero serve’ that elevates the brand and engages bartenders with the quality of the liquid in order to drive consumer awareness and trial.

THE Insight

We knew that to be engaging for a trade audience, a hero serve must demonstrate the quality and flavour notes of the liquid that aligns with the authenticity and credibility of an established brand. And to be widely adopted it needed to be simple to prepare, using ingredients found behind every bar in the world. We also understood that to create consumer demand, the serve must be disruptive, eye-catching and premium.

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We developed the ‘B&T’ – the Beefeater & Tonic: a simple, authentic and wonderfully tasting gin & tonic featuring an orange and lemon wheel garnish that elevates the botanical flavour notes unique to Beefeater Dry Gin.

Our creative approach was a powerful and disruptive communications campaign to engage the trade and inspire consumers. Building the campaign at a time when the ‘Beefeater brand world’ was transitioning, we took the approach of developing a single-minded, serve-focused visual. This celebrated the power of the serve, respected the brand DNA and gave it a contemporary feel.

The complex photoshoot delivered the mouth-watering hero shot. The creative development of a full global on trade and off trade toolkit meant the ‘hero serve’ campaign could be executed flexibly in local markets.


The hero serve campaign has been rolled out across global markets, helping to gain on trade listings and grow market share and brand equity through on trade activation.  

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