Hallowe'en is over for another year, and our news feeds are gently clearing of friends' photos of their satirical or 'cultural' costumes (not sure how much they'll be missed...), so what next? Christmas of course!

Whilst the Christmas lights on Oxford Street popped up out of nowhere at the start of October to much grumbling from commuters, they've now become part of the furniture. For me, the announcement that popped up on my Instagram feed this morning that signalled the start of Christmas - the Pret Christmas sandwich range is launching in just one week! I can almost hear the jingle bells!

A turkey sandwich shouldn't really garner as much attention and excitement as this - the announcement on Instagram didn't even use words, such is the icon status of this humble lunch. Pret have nailed the understated marketing that is so missed around this time of year, and bring some festive goodwill in the form of their donations to charity for every item purchased.

Christmas cheer can now start - bring on the mulled wine, Ferrero Rocher and Wham!