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A Cultural Evening in London

London is known the world around for its amazing theatre and arts – and being based in the city’s West End we’re constantly reminded of the great spectacles that are on offer. As Londoners, however, we also know how expensive it would be to try and see everything you’d want to.

So when I was told about the Hammersmith Summer Festival’s free showing of the Royal Opera House’s ‘Il Trovatore’ I jumped at the chance to go. To be completely honest, I had no knowledge of what the opera was about, and opera would not be my go-to subject on Mastermind, but I’ve seen some live shows at the iconic Covent Garden venue a couple of times, and the experience is something to behold!

The set up in Hammersmith’s Lyric Square was simple – some (branded) deck chairs for the early arrivers, and a nice patch of astroturf for those who dropped in late (thankfully we brought a blanket.) With the big screen set up front & centre, and the bars, and restaurants surrounding the venue allowing guests to take their refreshments out with them, the scene was set for a fantastic evening. Also, by some small British miracle, the sky was blue and the sun shone throughout.

It’s no surprise that the opera was incredible – from stage design to the singers – and obviously a great tragedy took place, but even that couldn’t dampen the mood in Hammersmith and the various other live screenings happening across the country.

Long live the London art pop up, allowing us to enjoy lovely British summer evenings and the great arts and theatre the capital has to offer!