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#DropOfPride: Bringing Brands to Consumers

As an agency based in the West End (the heartland of creative agencies in London) we thought we’d seen it all! That is until, on the last Friday of June we received a delivery of London Pride and other Wimbledon-themed treats at our front door. The delivery didn’t arrive completely out of the blue (that would’ve been incredible), but a simple Tweet to the London Pride Twitter account using #DropofPride, and a little bit of good fortune saw our beer hamper arrive just in time to combat the Friday blues.

While this form of Random Act of Kindness marketing hasn’t become the norm, it’s starting to appear more and more across the alcohol industry. Hendrick’s Gin have recently started their global ‘Cucumber Courier’ activity – a vintage inspired delivery service to the on trade, ensuring the perfect Hendricks’s serve with cucumber. Not only is the concept inspired, but their means of transport is a definite point of difference for the brand – who else would you expect to be travelling around in a motorbike and sidecar shaped like a cucumber?

With the abundance of food and drink delivery services now – Deliveroo first, and now even UberEats – it’s nice to see that brands can tap into this and make it work to ensure brand engagement or consistency of quality, without it seeming disingenuous.

What better way to end a Friday & celebrate the end of the month?