Spring is here, the sun is out (mostly), and for us Londoners that means one very important thing – the season of pop ups is upon us!

We made quick work of booking our first outing of the season: Smith & Sinclair’s Edible Perfume Rooms (in association with Tanqueray Gin). Tickets for this event were selling out quicker-than-hotcakes-fast, so unfortunately, we couldn’t get a table at their bar, but we did manage to swipe a couple of tickets to their Edible Perfume Workshop. My colleague Ivo and I were quite excited about this one; while Ivo expected to be able to try cocktails & food infused with actual perfume (very intriguing), I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – but cocktails were definitely on the list! The set up was lovely – a venue I’ve actually walked past many times – a little shop just off of Carnaby Street. This led to a really simple, intimate venue – but maybe a little too simple. I was expecting to have a full hands-on workshop experience, so when we were shown to our places at the back of the shop, I was a little baffled. For something that we were expecting to be quite a premium experience, the materials we were using for the workshop weren’t that premium (apart from the edible perfume paper. That was fab.)

The workshop itself was really well thought through – the right balance of education and interactivity. The only drawback was that, seeing as the group was so small (just 6 of us) and we were quite obviously on a schedule, those of us thirsty for more knowledge (like Ivo) weren’t exactly put at ease to ask. Actually, another drawback – those of us thirsty for actual cocktails (like myself) didn’t get any!

We created our own perfumes, using an alcohol base (rum for me, amaretto for Ivo) and adding essences of herbal, earthy, fruity or citrus flavours drop by drop. Without even considering it, I managed to make a perfume more suited to men than to myself…a combination of rum, coconut and acorn does not a feminine scent make! However, it does taste delicious. We were encouraged to use our perfumes as a garnish on cocktails, to spray onto cakes as a final touch, or to enhance the serve experience.

This was a really enjoyable experience for us to take part in – and adds another level of imagination sense-experimentation, something that we have developed before for The Glenlivet and Teisseire. It’s quite difficult to find something in London that you haven’t seen before, and that impresses you, but the Edible Perfume Rooms definitely did that! With some refinements, this event will really knock your socks off.