The Glenlivet range had long been the global no.2 single malt by volume sales. With Founder’s Reserve – a non-age statement single malt - joining the portfolio, the drive to take the lead demanded education about the range and the breakdown of prejudice against non-aged whisky.

The Challenge

To grow market share globally by driving trial of existing and new expressions in the portfolio. To encourage reappraisal by changing perceptions of a non-age statement single malt, positioning it as a high quality and approachable whisky.

The Insight

We knew that while age statements were a well-recognised ‘sign of quality’ for many consumers, they were in fact a red herring. We needed to drive trial in a way that focussed on flavour and enjoyment of the liquid alone; then educate consumers on the art and science used by the Master Distiller and his team to craft the unique flavour profile of each expression.

The Wonder

In partnership with a flavour scientist, we developed Sensology: an immersive educational experience which taught consumers how to fully appreciate and differentiate each expression in The Glenlivet range by making use of all their senses.

Before embarking on a comprehensive whisky tasting, consumers were enveloped in a multi-sensory experience – transported to The Glenlivet distillery in Scotland by viewing a 360º panoramic timelapse film, inhaling bespoke ‘scent of Speyside’ aromas and tasting unique cocktails.

Early success of the format meant we were asked to develop it for the on trade and travel retail channels, resulting in an additional virtual reality element.

Sensology was devised with enough flexibility that it could be rolled out across all markets –different expressions could be selected locally, while still resulting in a consistent brand experience globally.

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Founder’s Reserve exceeded its sales targets, pushing The Glenlivet range to become the no.1 single malt in the world. This success was attributed to the brand communications platform, at the heart of which was the Sensology programme. Our core communications tool successfully drove trial, purchase and advocacy throughout the whole range.