To create a brand experience and communications platform to introduce Teisseire to a global on trade audience.


We developed a strategy that spoke directly to the on trade professionals, with specific tactics to achieve engagement and education, and to stimulate genuine inspiration to use Teisseire.
We created ‘Flavour Adventures’, a communications platform
that positions Teisseire as the Flavour Experts. We crafted a visual identity for Flavour Adventures that complements the core brand, but creates distinction and a tone of voice relevant to the on trade channel.

A range of sales tools, engagement tactics, education material and immersive brand experiences have been developed which all deliver the core brand messages.

We continue to immerse the audience in the brand’s almost 300 - year history of flavour mastery using the brand experience programme we created to engage which engages the on-trade in a multi-sensory journey of flavour exploration.

Every quarter, we produce a magazine focusing on bespoke serves using Teisseire sirops, for which we manage content and photography.



As one of the key tactics to support the Flavour Adventures strategy, we launched the Flavour Jams. Throughout these experiences, key audiences are invited to masterclasses in which they are led on
a journey of flavour exploration, learning about the products and the roles that our senses play in creating great drinks and experiences for guests.


Flavour Adventures has gone global, with markets in Asia embracing the new brand identity. 
We are now launching our fifth edition of the Teisseire magazine, focusing on creative serves using the range of sirops.