As a small scale innovation brand from Iceland Reyka vodka had to work especially hard to gain any share of mind among bartenders – important gatekeepers to the bar menu and to premium consumers.


The Challenge

To create an engagement programme to turn top bartenders into brand advocates by aligning their own boldness with Reyka’s ‘inventive spirit’.


Top bartenders are bombarded by spirits brands wanting to court them and gain favour: competitions, tastings and giveaways are all employed by brands with big budgets. We knew that we had to cut through by creating a stand-out experience that connected with Reyka’s authentic provenance and liquid profile to create true advocates.

The Wonder

Harnessing the brands positioning of ‘inventive spirit’ we searched for territories that connected with the home of the distillery, Iceland. Due the rugged landscape, harsh weather and remote location Icelanders are resourceful people, a trait we explored and wanted to bring to life to demonstrate the human spirit behind the people who craft Reyka vodka.

We established the territory of foraging, which not only connects with Icelandic resourcefulness, it was a zeitgeist emerging amongst our target audience of trend led-bartenders. 

Working with Fergus the Forager, we developed an immersive experience that took select handfuls of bartenders to habitats outside London. We showed them how to explore and forage for ingredients that they could then incorporate into their drinks creations. After a day of discovery, the group partied in a pop-up woodland bar, each making their own cocktails for the group centred on the flora foraged during the day.

We’re proud of the unique experience we created to launch Reyka to the on trade.

Concept Development | Brand Activation | Influencer Engagement | PR Management



Inspired by Reyka’s craft credentials, 4 immersive expeditions stimulated 40 influential bartenders to include foraged ingredients and flavours in their cocktail menus and to talk about the brand with their followers.