To assist with the launch of the limited edition Reyka Icelandic bitters and showcase the new Foraging Expeditions project. 


Key London bartenders, trade influencers and bloggers were invited to this exclusive event, which showcased the Foraging Expeditions, inventive and innovative cocktails created during the trips with foraged ingredients and, most importantly, the limited edition Reyka Bitters. Launched on February 25th at the cutting-edge Shoreditch Looking Glass, whose interior and hidden entrance throug a mirror wall provided the backdrop to embrace the theme of foraging and inventiveness. Fergus, the Foraging Expert, Reyka Brand Ambassador Joe, and Lesley, the Master Distiller, provided a deconstructed tasting session and shared their passion and knowledge.


Only a 1,000 bottles of bitters were made, and a 100 of them were gifted to key London bars. The event has increased the brand desirability and loyalty amongst the trade, enriching its provenance story and communicating the brand's core values.