Passport Scotch has experienced massive growth in Brazil. It also has ambitions to increase market share in Mexico and Angola and to enter Russia. These markets are all very different in the maturity of their whisky consumption and their knowledge of the Passport Scotch brand. We were tasked with creating an umbrella brand activation that would be relevant to them all.

The Challenge

To grow market share in diverse local markets with a Passport Scotch Limited Edition, then bring to life the brand proposition through an activation.


Passport Scotch is positioned as a modern whisky that celebrates freedom of spirit. We determined that Street Art was not only the right art form to express the brand, but also one that particularly taps into the youth culture of Passport Scotch’s target markets. We identified and partnered with London artist, Jim Vision, to elevate the international status of the brand.

The Wonder

We commissioned Jim Vision to create an original Street Art piece that our packaging design team could then interpret into a unique Limited Edition expression of Passport Scotch. The designers took every step to protect the integrity of Jim’s artwork while scaling it to fit on shrink-wrap bottle packaging.

To launch the Limited Edition we collaborated with Jim and his team to create a live performance time-lapse film for digital channels that captured the creation of the original Street Art.

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The Passport Scotch Limited Edition Street Art expression rolled out in five key markets and extended into global travel retail resulting in an uplift in sales globally.