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The objective was to create a unique trade engagement experience that would unlock new distribution opportunities at the biggest bar & beverage show in Europe, Bar Convent Berlin.


We set out to create a brand experience that would showcase The London Essence Company's spirit mixers and provide a welcoming environment for spontaneous meetings with premium trade representatives.

Wonderworks developed the stand and the experience in it from the initial creative concept to sourcing and managing stand production with a local build partner.  We also managed liaison with the trade show organisers and oversaw the experience on the ground to ensure everything runs smoothly and up to the high standards of The London Essence Company.



The open stand design was inspired by the brand’s roots in the best cocktail bars of London and its distinctive art-deco aesthetic.

Visitors were welcomed in a custom-designed bar area where they could sample the full range of spirit mixers and – for the first time in brand’s history – nose the unique flavour essences used in the production process.

The stand offered potential trade partners a chance to see The London Essence Company's spirit mixers in action and taste exclusive cocktails in a relaxed environment. 


The brand experience lead to numerous new trade relationships and helped establish The London Essence Company in the premium spirit mixer category across Europe.