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London Essence Company is WiseHead’s premium Mixer brand, which entered the market as an on-trade focused distribution plan. We were challenged with developing a shopper marketing plan, to bring the path-to-purchase to life with consumer branding for the retail channel.


We developed both the brand visuality and messaging for the retail channel.

Firstly, we needed clear and compelling messaging that would connect with the consumer intellectually and emotionally; giving them reason to choose The London Essence Company over its competitors in the premium mixers category. We crafted our moment of wonder from The London Essence Company's ability to deliver Truly Exceptional drinks experiences, which are worth paying more for.

From this, we developed a creative approach that allowed us to deliver the key product benefits, and raise the brand equity. We achieved this through glorifying the bottle with premium photography, and clean, minimalist design.

By refracting light through the glass bottle, we heroed the distinctive assets that make these Mixers stand out on the shelf. We wanted to step into the territory of beauty brands, and make this unique bottle as much as a centerpiece as the liquid it holds.

A range of retail assets have been created to support the retail launch, and communicate the Truly Exceptional nature of this brand.



Using our experience working with beauty brands, we worked closely with a photographer to develop a hero shot that made the bottle the star of the show, using a clever balance of refraction and shadows.  


Featured in Waitrose Magazine, and going live in a range of retail outlets in time for the festive period, our creative shopper marketing strategy is bringing The London Essence Company's Truly Exceptional mixers to life.