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The London Essence Company is a premium mixers brand that was launched in the on trade channel using a trade influencer approach. Having gained success with listings in top London bars the business objective moved to launching the product to a consumer audience through mainstream retail operators.


The Challenge

Develop a messaging and creative strategy to allow the brand to establish market share in the GB consumer market through launching in mainstream supermarkets.


We knew that the brand needed to take an approach which considers the whole shopper journey. Starting with creating awareness outside of the store, through the path to purchase in store every point must be mapped to the shopper mindset to result in provoking a purchase decision at fixture.

With a price position +20% over the established premium brand we knew we would need to work hard with the messaging and creative to justify shoppers making the switch.

The Wonder

We established a positioning line ‘Truly Exceptional’ to directly combat the language of ‘best’ used by the established premium brand on the market. From this point we developed a full messaging framework which considered every part of the shopper journey, building layers of knowledge and credibility for each of the products and the brand itself.

 The creative approach was to build a premium look and feel which could be flexed across the shopper journey, and be maintained when worked within strict constraints of supermarket guidelines. With the faceted glass bottle being an important part of the brand equity which was hidden in retail we took the approach of creating some striking hero photography to bring to life this premium point of difference for the shopper.

Shopper Marketing Strategy | Hero Photography | Messaging Strategy | Off Trade POS



The retail trial in one retailer was successful and has led to gaining listings in three major supermarkets and a nationwide distribution footprint.