To create a set of premium tools for the prestige range of Havana Club rums, to present to and inspire consumer and on-trade audiences.


Taking inspiration from the behaviour of premium whisky brands, we developed a flexible brand experience tasting programme highlighting the four most premium brands in the Havana Club range. These tools were created to be adaptable, offering suitable brand experiences across different audiences, from the consumer to the on-trade. Through the toolkit, we wanted to take our audience on an engaging journey through the production process, and share the individual backgrounds of each of the four premium expressions of the rum.

Alongside the development of the toolkit, we created all collateral and an implementation guide, which brought the identity of the brands to life visually.


The four premium rums from Havana Club could easily tell their own stories, yet we also saw an opportunity to tell another story – that of the Maestros Roñeros in Cuba. We focused on the human aspect of the brand – telling their stories, and placing them at the heart of every aspect of the toolkit, including a collaboratively created rum and cigar pairing experience.