Envisioning and activating a Deanston partnership with like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs, drawing upon Deanston’s core values and providing an educational and supportive platform for all parties involved.


The Challenge

Deanston approached Wonderworks to imagine and realise a partnership with a co-working space for a new activation. If successful, this activation would provide
a blueprint to scale up and down on a global level. 


Deanston hero those who have a spark of vision,
ambition and beliefs similar to their own core values. They call these people ‘The Makers of Today’.
Co-working spaces embody these values, providing a supportive and dynamic environment for start-ups and small businesses, enabling them to be part of a wider collaborative community. 

However we identified that there is an opportunity to grow the category and increase market share by thinking differently about the role that syrups play.

The Wonder

Drawing upon Deanston’s core values, Wonderworks devised an activation in partnership with WeWork
London that offered a platform for Makers of Today
to educate other like-minded people about their skills
and experiences.

It was an interactive show & tell combined with a networking event, offering a chance for WeWork members to learn from other experts, as well as learning about the history of Deanston and sampling their wonderful whiskies. Wonderworks sourced jeweller
Alice Walsh, who talked through her experience of founding and running a small business. The activation was designed to benefit all three parties involved:

  • Offering Makers a support network and an opportunity to promote their craft to
    like-minded discerning explorers.

  • Giving WeWork audiences an opportunity to
    learn from, and be inspired by, the Makers.

  • Giving Deanston a platform to connect
    with its audience.


Securing partnership, ideation and delivery of a Deanston activation in partnership with a relevant co-working space. A toolkit detailing how the activation was produced, allowing other markets to replicate this activation globally. Photography and videography of
the activation. Design and production of POS assets.



A resounding success. The Makers and WeWork Audience connected with each other; and engaged with both the event and Deanston’s core values.  


Creative Development


Key Poster

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