Chivas whisky was losing market share and needed to develop a brand experience to recruit new drinkers and educate existing consumers to trade up.

The Challenge

Develop an entertaining and accessible brand education platform to recruit new consumers into the Chivas portfolio and encourage existing drinkers to trade up. 


Many people wrongly believe that blended whiskies are of lesser quality than single malts. We knew that busting this myth in an entertaining way would deliver recruitment, reappraisal and genuine education in a light-hearted and enjoyable way.

The Wonder

Inspired by an existing, but unpremium brand experience we developed an elevated education programme that showcases the art of blending by tasking consumers to blend their own whisky.

Deconstructing the blend to educate on the complexity of the whisky consumers taste whiskies from across the Scottish regions that go into Chivas Regal. Having tasted the malt whiskies consumers are then tasked with blending their own blended whisky – an enjoyable way to find out that it is really not easy to make a sublime tasting whisky showcased in the Chivas range.

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Initially showcased at London Cocktail Week, the Chivas Whisky Lab has been hugely popular at events across the UK and throughout global markets.