Confusion around blended whisky meant Chivas Regal needed to work hard to retain market share when increasing numbers of discerning consumers started to opt for single malts. The requirement was a brand experience to recruit new drinkers as well as to encourage existing Chivas Regal consumers to trade up through the range.

The Challenge

To develop an entertaining and accessible brand education platform to recruit new consumers into the Chivas Regal portfolio and encourage existing drinkers to appreciate the more premium expressions in the range.


MMany people wrongly believe that blended whiskies are of lesser quality than single malts. We knew that busting this myth in an entertaining way would deliver recruitment, reappraisal and genuine education in a light-hearted and enjoyable way.

The Wonder

We developed an elevated education programme that showcased the art of whisky blending by challenging consumers to make their own blended whisky in the Chivas Regal Whisky Lab.

Firstly, we explained how blended whiskies are created from a number of single malts, inviting consumers to sample the signature styles of the various key Scottish whisky-making regions. Having tasted these individual malts, consumers were then tasked with creating their own blended whisky – an enjoyable way to find out that making sublime-tasting blended whiskies, such as those in the Chivas Regal range, really is an art.

The Chivas Regal Whisky Lab blending experience was developed as a flexible multi-level format – able to effectively engage one person in a trade venue or as many as 100 people in a branded pop-up.

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Launched at London Cocktail Week in 2016, the Chivas Whisky Lab has been hugely popular at events across the UK and throughout global markets ever since.