To create a global tasting programme that is both unique in format and content for the iconic Scotch whisky – Chivas Regal.


We created a unique educational experience in order to immerse consumers in the fascinating production process of Chivas Regal.

By taking guests on a multi-sensorial journey using their sight, sound, smell and of course taste; this innovative approach to whisky tasting will leave audiences both educated and entertained. Central to the tasting experience, we designed an aroma tray that fully takes advantage of the powerful sense of smell.


An interactive production film was conceived and filmed in Strathisla, Scotland, taking the audience through the delicate production process of Chivas Regal whilst inviting consumers to experience the aromas and flavours in person. A comprehensive global toolkit was created including menus with specially selected cocktail and food pairings with Chivas Regal whiskies. Finally, event collateral items were designed and made available for international markets around the world.