To develop a powerful and globally consistent communication campaign to communicate Beefeater Dry Gin’s hero serve – the Beefeater & Tonic – to inspire the on trade and engage consumers.


Insight into the exponential growth of the gin category over the last few years demonstrated the use of a whole range of innovative and flavour-enhancing garnishes. With this in mind, the Beefeater & Tonic was developed using the tasting notes of the original Beefeater Dry Gin recipe. Its delicate citrus notes are brought out by the combination of orange and lemon. This serve is not only a refreshing drink for the consumer, but also has visual impact.



Through the serve photography, we wanted to bring to life the playful creativity that is at the heart of the spirit of London. The concept takes a brave approach with a surprising depiction of a slashed glass. This highlights the uniqueness of the serve, and the key ingredients of the Beefeater & Tonic are shown separately in a dynamic and disruptive composition.

The combination of concrete and red is used to communicate the urban and contemporary look and feel of Beefeater Dry Gin.

We worked with expert drinks photographer and Wondermaker, Warren Ryley, to bring this concept to life, making it stand out in the busy gin category and appealing to both the on trade and consumers. 


The Beefeater Gin & Tonic serve has been rolled out globally to huge success, alongside a toolkit and the supporting photography.